Asian calligraphy typically uses ink brushes to write Chinese characters (Hanzi).

Calligraphy (in Chinese, Shufa ,meaning "the way of writing") is considered an important art in East Asia and the most refined form of East Asian painting.

Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. Painting in the traditional style involves essentially the same techniques as calligraphy and is done with a brush dipped in black or coloured ink. Oils are not used.

As with calligraphy, the most popular materials on which paintings are made are paper and silk. The finished work is then mounted on scrolls, which can be hung or rolled up. Traditional painting also is done in albums and on walls, lacquerwork, and other media.


These caligraphy brushes are made of jade, bone, horn, coral or beads, with bristles made of horsehair. «


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